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Welcome to CRITTER REMOVAL By Town & Country Critter Evictor.

Fast and friendly ​​locally owned , operated company. -- we are not a large out of state franchise company.
Town & Country is a safe, affordable,& reliable ​​wild animal removal , & unwanted pest removal company.

We specialize in Inspections, removal of unwanted wild animals, Damage repairs.

​We proudly service all city's and county's around Oklahoma City.

                       Oklahoma City    Warr Acres       Guthrie            El Reno            Tri City Area         Del City              Shawnee                  Edmond     Nichols Hills             Deer Creek      Yukon               Moore                   Midwest City      Harrah
​                               Bethany              Arcadia            Piedmont         Mustang            Norman                Spencer               Newalla                                and many more city's.........

Our Licensed and Insured professional staff employ safe , humane ​​and environmentally friendly techniques to remove your unwanted wild animals from your Home, Business, or Property

We Remove any unwanted pest or wild animals, including:
Raccoons    Squirrels       Armadillos       Gophers     Voles           Rats         Birds         Bats          Bee's          Dead animals                      Skunks        Opossum       Feral Cats        Moles         Snakes         Mice       Pigeons     ​​​Wasp        Odor Control for dead smell, and many more....

Town & Country Critter Evictor specializes in:  Inspections,    Removal of nuisance wildlife     removal of animal feces,    decontaminates nesting areas,    Replacing attic vents,      Installing chimney caps ,      Damage repairs,      Insulation upgrade,      Prevention repairs,    Dead animal removal,     Odor control for dead smell.     and much more........

With over 22, Years experience Town & Country Critter Evictor will bring our years​​ of experience , professionalism to solve your unwanted pest problems.

Its never a good idea to trap or remove ​​wild animals yourself , wild animals are dangerous, transmit diseases and may carry the rabies virus, even if they appear to be harmless or tame.

​Wild animals, Rodents can and will chew telephone and electrical wires creating a dangerous fire hazard.  

Critters ​nesting and living in your attic or crawl space are using nesting areas as a toilet. Feces left behind contains bacteria and diseases and round worms, micro spores become air born causing histoplasmosis to humans.

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