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             Town & Country Critter Evictor is your squirrel removal professional with 26 years experience.

Squirrels are classified as a nuisance pest, invading homes and businesses in every city.

                               The most common calls we get on squirrels are :

                               *Hearing running noises in the attic or between floors.

                               *Holes chewed on exterior wood.

                               *Soffit vents torn open.

                               *Seen squirrel go in attic.

                               *Hearing animals fighting in attic.


Squirrels in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area are active all year and usually breed twice a year, late winter and again in late summer.

Two to four are born per litter, up to six are born at a time.

The young "kits" usually remain with the mother squirrel until she breeds again.

Squirrels use home and buildings as their homes, they chew and claw to enter a structure several ways to damage your Roof shingles, Soffits, Wood siding, Chew through roof vents and vent screens,  just to name a few.

        Where do squirrels nest ?

Squirrels can be found in your attic, Chimney and fire place , Crawl space , Basement, Inside your home,

Your car engine block, Sheds and other parts of your structures.

Squirrel control and removal should begin as soon as squirrels are discovered or causing damage to your

roof or other parts of your home or business.

         Do squirrels bite ?

Yes, Squirrels can become aggressive when feel threatened or if a mother squirrel is protecting her young.

       Cant I just buy a trap and do it myself ?

Squirrel removal and trapping should only be attempted and performed by licensed professionals with many

years of experience who understands the habits and biology of squirrels and other wild animals.

For instance, Squirrels will use an attic to raise their kits, "DIY" do it yourselfers will set traps or cover the

squirrel entry hole, trap the mother squirrel thinking the problem is solved. It soon becomes clear that

there are baby squirrels left behind, and you cant get to where there are to remove them, or other

squirrels found another way to enter the attic space.

       How do squirrels get in ?

Squirrels are excellent climbers, they can climb up a course vertical surface or brick wall, Trees, Shrubs,

Utility wires, to get to entry points on your exterior wall or roof.

Another problem with having squirrels in you home or business is that their feces and urine give off a

pheromone scent that attracts other squirrels , wild animals and snakes to your home or attic.

           Town & Country Critter  Evictor is your local , Experienced and Licensed experts for squirrel and wild animal removal.

           Call the pros today for help with your situation.

      What damage do squirrels do ?

Squirrels are a fire hazard due to their habit of constantly chewing electric wires. Plumbing lines , wood ,

and a wide variety of objects. causing electric systems to fail and have been know to cause electric fires.

      What do squirrel noises sound like ?

The most common sounds squirrels make is a running , foot steps  and scratching noises . 

Noises start about 6 - 8 AM

until dark,  and at night time during mating times.

      Will moth balls make them leave the attic ?


Don't waste your time or money on moth balls, Fox urine, Lights , loud music, or repellents.

Animals adapt quickly to new smells and sounds, most scare tactics don't make the animals leave and its

hard to live with stinky repellents.

      How do I get the squirrels out ?

Town & Country Critter Evictor has developed a proven four step critter removal process for resolving your squirrel infestation.

Call the pros today for help with your situation, We will help you anyway we can...   405/ 409-5987

   Town & Country Critter evictor has developed a proven 4 step critter removal process for resolving your squirrel infestation

                                                  Click here to view our proven four step removal process

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