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                                               Snake Control / Removal

         Snakes are classified as a reptile / nuisance pest

                               The most common snake calls we get are :

                               * Snake inside the home or garage

                               * Snake in the swimming pool 

                               *Snake in the yard or shed

                               *Snakes living under home or deck

                               *Snake skin found in attic or under home

                               *Safety for children and pets

        Oklahoma has 46 species of snakes , only 7 are venomous (Poisonous)

   What do I do if I see a snake ?

If you see a snake in your yard or on your property just leave it alone and you will probably never see it again.

If you continually see them and you don't want them around it is best to have a snake professional help with removing the snakes.

Most snake bites happen when people try to kill or catch the snakes.

For many reasons people want snakes removed from their home or business.  Fear of the snake being poisonous "venomous" is the most common fear and having a phobia of snakes.

The best advice is just leave the snake alone and have a snake professional remove the snake for you.

Town & Country Critter Evictor is your Local and experienced snake expert.  Call today for help with your situation.

   How can I tell if a snake is poisonous (venomous) ?

Most people think all snakes are venomous  or, if the snake has a triangle shaped head its poisonous .  To the untrained eye its hard to tell if the snake is venomous just by looking at its triangle head or its skin markings. Some venomous and non venomous snakes have triangle heads and diamond back markings on their skin,

All snakes can strike and bite.

There are to many snakes to list on here , if you want to know what snakes are in your area you can look on the web or call our office for more information.

     Most of the venomous snakes in Oklahoma are pit vipers, such as :

-Rattle snakes ,i.e...  Western Diamond back,   Prairie rattle snake,   Timber rattle snake

-Pygmy Rattle snakes,

-Copper head ,

-Water moccasin (cotton mouth) ,

-Western Massasauga

They have two fangs that inject venom,  when bitten the venom breaks down the skin tissue.  The bite is very painful.

    Non venomous snakes in Oklahoma are the :

-Black rat snake , (Red or Yellow stripe)

-Garter snake (green or tan color) ,

-Ribbon snake (tan with a red stripe) ,

-Water snakes ( tan , black or dark color)

-Gopher snake (Light tan color)  

-King snake,    

-Bull snake

just to name a few.

Non venomous snakes have lots of small teeth.

   Snake behavior

Most snakes around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area  are nonvenomous (non poisonous) and non-aggressive.  If you leave the snake alone it will leave you alone. If you corner the snake and try to kill it or catch it,  it will try to get away or it will strike at you.  Some nonvenomous snakes curl up or rattle their tail and act aggressive when feel threatened.

   Snake biology

Most snakes have a triangle shaped heads.  They smell with their tounge by flicking the forked tounge out to taste the air.  Snakes are carnivores. Snakes don't chew their food , they slowly swallow their food whole.

Some snakes give live birth to their young.

Most snakes lay eggs.

Why are snakes in my yard or home ?

Snakes go where their food source is, such as: Mice , Rats , Birds , Fish , Frogs , etc... and where they can nest and hide.

If snakes smell mice in your garage , attic , home or business, they will enter through the same entry points to find them.

The best way to control snakes is to correct the habitat on your  property and start with preventive maintenance , such as : *Remove debris piles,

*Move fire wood pile onto a rack away from your home,

*Keep weeds and grasses mowed. 

*Have your home or business inspected by a professional for mice especially in the attic, and have all snake entry points sealed up.

   What if I get bit by a snake :

If you think it was a poisonous (venomous) snake and their are two large puncture marks, remember what the snake looked like.  If you killed the snake carefully put it in a container, take it with you to the hospital.  Have someone drive you to the hospital or call 911 for help.  Time is of the essence to get help.  do not drive yourself to the hospital because you could pass out.

   How do you find the snakes ?

Town & Country Critter Evictor will do a 40 point inspection around your yard , Flower beds , Bushes , Inside your home or business, In the attic , and anywhere else we know where snakes like to go and hide .  We safely remove them off your property.

We also seal up the snake entry points, 

And we can apply a snake repellants to your yard .

   Who do I call to get our snake ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor we are your Experienced snake specialist. 

                                        Call the pros today for all your snake concerns  405/ 409-5987

                                   Thank you for your Business