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                                                         Mole Control / Removal

                                  Moles in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area are active all year.

Moles are classified as a lawn pest ,Due to the damage they cause to your yard .

                                               The common calls we get are:

                                               *Tunnels and trails in the yard

                                               *Tunnels along the drive way and curb

                                               *Dirt piles in the yard

                                               *Tunnels along the home

                                               *Ground is soft and spongy

   Mole Behavior

Moles live underground they tunnel through the soil in search for their food source,  they feed on a wide variety of insects in the ground such as Earthworms , Grubs , Insect larvae , Crickets and other insects.

They have two sets of tunnels, Their surface tunnels are what you see in your yard, and a deep tunnel that they use for nesting and escaping cold weather.

Moles create a network of underground tunnels that connect you and your neighbors yards together, in search of food and territory.

   Mole Biology

They breed in January and February and give birth around March to 2 - 4 young.

They live up to 3 years.

Their body length is up to 6" long

They have two large feet that stick out side ways.

Short tail and pointed nose.

   How do I get rid of Moles ?

My best advice is to hire a mole expert that has many years of experience removing Moles and has extensive knowledge of mole behavior and their biology, and also , that can tell the difference between a mole tunnel and a gopher tunnel.

The best two options are :

* The Baiting treatments , which requires a professional pest control License.

* Kill traps

I have 20 + years experience using the Baiting treatments and the traps  , in my experience  I have found the Baiting treatments work the best

                                                                                     Baiting treatment

When the Baiting treatment is done correctly the bait is placed in the Moles under ground tunnels,  which will quickly kill the Moles in your yard.

The Baiting treatment requires making a dime size hole in the mole tunnel, The Bait is placed inside the tunnel.

The hole gets covered back up.

When new moles come back into your yard to take over the "vacant Territory" your yard,  they will eat what Bait is left and kill the new moles, Long after the treatment has been performed.


Traps require holes dug in your yard and traps sticking out of the ground.

traps only work when they are set in the right tunnels and set the right way.  When the traps are removed you have no protection for moles in your yard.

Moles are territorial and will sense a "vacant territory" and because the underground tunnels are already established , new moles will come back in your yard.

   Can anyone use the Baiting treatments ?


For a company to use the Baiting treatments it requires a Professional Pest control License.

Most wildlife removal company's don't have a Pest Control License ,  For this reason trappers will try to sell against the Baiting treatment. They will try to tell you it doesn't work... don't let them fool you.

Town & Country Critter Evictors owner has been licensed for 26 Years in Pest Control to serve you better.

   Are the Baits or traps safe for my family and pets ?

Generally Yes,

The Baiting treatment is placed in the Moles underground tunnels, Pets or children don't come in contact with it.

Traps stick up out of the ground , people could trip over them 

kids could play with them and possibly get hurt.

Dogs could dig up the trap possibly get injured.

   Do repellants work?


Don't waste your time or money sonic vibrating devices , stinky Castor oil sprayed on your yard , or granular repellants you sprinkle on your yard.  They have very little impact with no results to remove moles. And some of these products are bad for the environment. 

   Will the Baiting treatment get in my well water ?


The treatments are placed in the moles underground tunnels about 4" - 12" deep in the ground.   Most of the underground water sources are deep underground about 30' - 120 feet deep or more

   Will the products I buy at the store work ?


Treating for moles is a art and science ,  Most of the poisons you buy at the store don't work on moles like the poison peanuts, "Yellow cone" mole bait and poison seeds.   Moles don't eat these types of food.  Moles only eat worms and insects.

   Who do I call to help me ?

Town & Country Critter Evictor is your Licensed , Experienced , Professional mole experts with 26 years experience to help you and serve you with all your mole troubles. 

                              Call us today ,  We will treat you right    405/409-5987