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Town & Country Critter Evictor is your Raccoon removal professional with 26, years experience to serve you.

Raccoons are classified as a nuisance animal due to their destructive behavior and the ability to use your home or business as their home.

                     The common calls we get on Raccoons are :

                      *Loud noises in the attic at night time

                      *Heavy walking or running in attic

                      *Growling or animals fighting

                       *Chirping or chattering sounds

                       *Vent screens torn open

                       *Large hole torn on exterior wood


*Raccoons in Oklahoma are active all year. They are nocturnal animals and sleep during the day and leave the nest site

at night to search for food and water.

*They breed once a year in the early spring time.

*They give birth in the spring time and early summer, up to 8, per young raccoons "pups" are born.

*Noises that baby raccoons "pups" make is a chirping , chattering, or purring sound.

*The young with stay with the mother raccoon until she is ready to bred again.

   Where do raccoons get in at ?

Raccoons are excellent climbers;

*They can climb up a tree to get onto the roof.

*They can climb the fence to access your roof or soffit vent,

*Climb up your gutter spout of the gutter,

*Climb up a rock wall to get to your roof or vents.

*They use there powerful claws to tear into any material such as wood,  screens on vents, etc....

*They enter a structure several different ways:

*Tear holes in your screens on your vents and on your roof vents,

*Tear into wood siding and soffit under eaves,

*Damage roof shingles ,    just to name a few.

   Where do raccoons nest ?

Raccoons can be found nesting in your Attic, Crawl space, Basement, Chimney, Garage, Shed, Warehouse or Business .

just to name a few.

   What noises do raccoons make ?

When raccoons are present homeowners will hear heavy footsteps walking or moving around mostly at night time hours.

*It is common to hear growling or animals fighting


*Items being moved around in the attic 

*Animals between the walls and between the floors.

*Sounds like bowling balls being moved around in the attic.

Noises that the pups make is a chirping, chattering or purring sounds.

Raccoon removal should begin as soon as the raccoons are discovered or causing damage to your home or business.              

   What diseases to raccoons transmit?

Raccoons transmit numerous diseases such as roundworms  from their feces that they deposit in your attic or crawl space.

The animal feces constantly releases airborne particle spores in the air that you or your family can breathe;

it can cause Histoplasmosis (a lung disease that humans can contract from the fungal spores coming off the animal feces

that causes coughing and body aches). 

Other problems with having raccoons in your home or business is that their feces and urine gives off a pheromone scent

that attracts other raccoons and animals into your home or business. 

Raccoons can also carry the Rabies virus and Distemper.


   Does the animal feces need to be removed?


After the animals or removed from your home or business. A true professional will inspect for animal

feces and urine spots, make a determination to spot treat with a Disinfectant / Bactericide and remove

the feces or recommend a full attic remediation.

* For a company to apply a disinfectant at your home or business they have to be licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture in the Antimicrobial category,

 ** Most wildlife control company's are not licensed to apply any disinfectants and they don't see a need to remove the animal feces,  they will tell you it's not important and don't worry about it... Don't let them fool you.

                                                    Click here to view or proven 4 step process

   Can I just set a trap to catch them myself ?  

Not recommended,

Raccoon removal and trapping should only be attempted and performed by licensed professionals that have many years of experience who understands the habits and biology of Raccoons and other wild animals.

For instance, raccoons will use a home or building to raise their young (pups),   DIY "do it yourselfers" will set a trap or cover

the animals entry hole ,  removing the mother animal thinking the problem is solved.

It soon becomes clear that there are baby critters left behind and you can't get to where they are to remove them.  OR, Other animals find another way into your attic because they smell the other animals pheromone scent and feces. 

   Are Raccoons destructive?


Raccoons are notorious for causing damage to attics and crawl spaces, to HVAC ducts,  Vents,  Attic fans,  Electrical wires, 

Items stored in the attic, Pipe insulation,  Attic insulation or anywhere they choose to nest.

It's their nature to destroy things for no reason.

   Will moth balls make the animals leave?

No,  Don't waste your time or money on stinky moth balls,  Fox or Bob cat urine,  lights or loud music. These scare tactics

don't work on raccoons. 

   Who do I call ?

Town and Country Critter Evictor is your local, experienced and licensed experts for all your raccoon and wild animal and pest removal needs.

Town and Country Critter Evictor has developed a proven 4 step critter removal process for resolving your

raccoon and animal infestation professional and humanly.

                          Call Town and Country Critter Evictor today

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