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                                                        Rat and Mice Control  / Removal

 Rats and Mice in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area are active all year.

Rats and Mice are classified as a rodent pest. Invading homes and businesses .

                    The most common calls we get are :

                   *Hearing scratching noises in the attic or wall.

                   *Hearing thumps and bumps late at night.

                   *Seeing Rats and Mice inside the home or business.

                   *Finding rodent droppings / fecal pellets

                   * The dog or cat staring at the ceiling and walls.

                    *Plants damaged and food products damaged.

   How do Rats and Mice get in ?

Rats and mice can enter your home or business through very small openings, for example , spaces around Garage doors , Exterior doors , Roof vents , Foundation vents , A/C and Utility lines , Gaps around soffit and under eaves , Missing bricks , entry points of animal damage , just to name a few.

   Where do Rats and Mice live ?

They can be found living in your attic, Crawl space , Basement , Inside your home or Business , Garage , Shed , Barn , Out buildings , car engine block.   Just about anywhere that has a food source close by and a warm covered space .

   Rodent behavior

Rats are nocturnal and mostly active between 10pm and 5am

   How do I know if I have a Rodent problem ?

You may hear scratching noises between the walls or in the Attic , Crawl space.  You may hear thump and bump noises;  

The noises can be so loud that they keep home owners awake at all times throughout the night.

                     Signs that you might have a Rat / Mice rodent infestation

                        *Find feces pellets

                        *Hear gnawing or chewing / scratching

                        *Find holes and trails on your insulation in your attic

                        *Fruits or plants eaten or damaged

                        *Wires on your automobile chewed or damaged

                        *Wires in you attic being chewed or damaged

                        *Your dog or cat may stand motionless, listening intensely at the ceiling or wall, or even pawing at the wall,                                    baseboards.

   How do I get rid of Rats and Mice ?

My advice is to hire a Rodent expert;

- That has many years of experience removing Rats and Mice

- That has extensive knowledge of rodent behaviors. 

-That can find and identify all the entry points

- Has the expertize to seal up all the entry points.

The best options are :  The Baiting treatments "poisons "   - Kill traps -  Glue boards

I have 26 years experience using the Baiting treatments,  Kill traps , and glue boards  , I have found the Baiting treatment works the best., Such as professional Mice and Rat poison.

 If the Baiting treatment is done correctly,  and the bait is placed in the right areas, The rodents will easily find and consume the treatments which will get the rodent population under control quickly.

 *Then all the rodent entry points can get sealed up to prevent any future Re-infestations.

Kill traps don't deliver 100% success rate

Rats and Mice don't always go in the traps,  they might smell a odor on the trap that scares them away, or they steal the food off the trap.  Rats and Mice are weary of new things in their environment and shy away from traps and glue boards.

sometimes the rats will get off the glue boards.

   Are the Baits and traps safe to my family and pets ?

Generally yes,  

The Baiting treatment is placed in safe areas where children and pets don't come in contact with them.

The traps are kill traps, if a child or pet comes in contact with it,  it could snap down possibly cause pain or harm to hands and feet.

   Will the rodents die in my attic ?

99.9% of our customers don't have a problem with smelling a dead rodent. If you do smell a odor we will attempt to find it and remove it.

   Cant I just put out moth balls ?

Don't waste your time or money on moth balls or cheap fixes, they don't work and the smell is hard to live with.

   Can anyone put out the Baiting treatments ?


*For a company to apply the baiting treatments they have to be a licensed Pest Control operator.

Most of the wildlife removal company's are not licensed in pest control to apply the Baiting treatments,

**For this reason wildlife company's will try to sell against the Baiting treatment and offer the traps as the best solution, because that's all they can legally use.

Town & Country Critter Evictor is your Experienced and Licensed experts For Rat and Mice removal.   Call us today to help with your situation and insure proper treatment of the rodent infestation.  We do it right the first time....

   What damage do Rats and Mice do ?

Rats are a fire hazard due to their habit of gnawing and chewing electrical wires , Plumbing lines , Wood and a wide variety of objects.

Rats and rodents account for causing one out of three structure fires caused by faulty and damaged wires from rodent damage.

The reason Rats and Mice are so incredibly destructive is because their front teeth don't ever stop growing.

 If Rats did not continue to chew on materials at their disposal, Their front teeth will eventually grow through their bottom lip and often cause a fatal injury to them selves and they cant eat to stay alive.

   What health hazards do Rats and Mice transmit ?

Rats and Mice are a health hazard.

Rats and Mice living in your home or business can transmit illnesses such as Hantavirus, Salmonellosis , Asthma with its fecal droppings , Urine and salvia.

                          Town & Country Critter Evictor is your Rodent control specialist with 26 years experience. 

                                               See our proven 4 step Rodent removal process below

                                                                               Mice / Mouse

Mice and Rats generally use the same entry points to access your home or business.

Mice and rats are excellent climbers, they can climb up a coarse vertical surface , Brick wall ,

Trees and shrubs to get to entry points on your walls or roof.

   Where do mice nest ?

Mice and Rats prefer nesting places with warmth , such as in Attics , Walls . Basements , Crawl spaces , Garage, Shed , Out buildings , Car engines , Insulation , Clothes , and boxes are some of the places where they will construct their nest.

When they nest in the insulation there are well defined holes in the insulation and there are matted down path ways and trails on top of the insulation allowing the rodents to run on or through  the deeper parts of the insulation where they generally nest and breed.

   Will Mice cause other problems ?

Another problem with having Mice and Rats in your home or business is that they give off a pheromone scent that attracts snakes, wild animals, and other rodents.  Usually when snakes and other animals are found inside a structure or the attic there are often signs of a Mice or Rat infestation.

Town & Country Critter Evictor  has developed a proven 4 step process for solving your Mice and Rat infestation.

Step 1:

40 point inspection

*As rodent control specialist we identify all the entry point Rats and Mice are actively using to access your home or business, From the ground level to the top of the roof.

Step 2:

Removal of Rats and Mice

*Preformed by our own Licensed pest control Professional and is designed to control and remove the current population of Rats and Mice that have caused the infestation.

* We apply a Baiting treatment " which requires a Pest Control License " in safe areas away from children and pets and we can also use multiple catch rodent boxes, Snap kill traps  and Rodent valves to exclude Rats and Mice.

Step 3:

Seal up the rodent entry points / exclusion work

* This is the most important part of the rodent removal process, Closing all the active entry points on your home or Business from the ground level to the top of the roof.

 * A wide variety of products are used to close up the entry holes, such as;  Wood products , Sheet metal , Metal screening , Sealants , Excluding products , Metal products ...

** We also caulk and paint the work done on your home or business.

Step 4:

Attic treatment / Disinfecting / Attic restoration

 * When Rats and Mice nest in your attic they defecate and urinate on your attic insulation.

* Town & Country Critter Evictor is a licensed Pest Control Company to apply Bactericides and Germicides to disinfect the feces and urine spots in your attic and the diseases that come with.

* Depending on the severity of the rodent infestation we might recommend a full attic remediation which involves

removing all the existing insulation and feces. and applying a Bactericide treatment to the bare attic space, to disinfect;

*Then have all new attic insulation installed back in the attic space.

   Who do I call to help me ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor Today,   We are your friendly company that is Licensed and Experienced to handle all your Rodent problems .             

                               We will help you anyway we can,   405/409-5987