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                                                                             Opossum Control / Removal

                                               Opossums in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area are active all year.

Opossums are classified as a nuisance animal due to there ability to invade homes and businesses.

                The most common calls we get are:

                *Hearing animal in the attic or crawl space

                *Opossum sitting on the fence

                *Opossum eating food from pet dishes

                 *Opossum inside home or Business

                 *Opossum nesting under shed or deck

                 *Hearing growls and fighting in attic or crawl space

Town & Country is your Opossum specialist with 26 years experience.


Opossums are North Americas only Marsupial, which means opossums babies live in their mothers pouch.

They breed one to two times a year.

They give birth in the spring /  summertime to around Eight young, as the young gets older they Will hitch a ride on their mothers back.

They are nocturnal animals which means they sleep during the day time ,  Leave there nesting site at night time to search for food and water.

   What do they look like ?

The Opossum looks like a super sized rat, Long pointed nose, Long tail.

Opossums have different color fur. some are white, some are blonde,  Gray , Black , or mixed colors.


Opossums can take up residence under sheds , Decks, out buildings, , Your attic , Garage , Crawl space , Basement , Home  , Business , Anywhere that is semi protected from the weather elements.

   How do they get in ? 

Opossums are excellent climbers. They can climb up a tree , bushes . Gutter spouts , or a stockade fence to access your vents on your roof. 

When they gain entry in your structure, Opossums can tear holes in your foundation vents , Attic vents , Rotted wood and soffits to access your home or business.

They are also opportunist looking for a opening already on the structure, for easy access.

   What damage do they create ?

Opossums living in your attic or crawl space can be destructive to HVAC ducts and insulation.

They defecate , urinate , and contaminate the insulation , or soil under your home .  

The animal feces should be disinfected by a professional that has a Antimicrobial License and remove the feces to control the diseases , This will help to improve the air quality in your home or business.

   What noises do they make ?

When Opossums are present home owners foot steps , walking or moving around noises  , Scratching , Growls , Fighting noises.

   What diseases do they transmit ?

Opossums use their nesting sites as a toilet.  Their feces in your attic or crawl space constantly releases airborne particle spores in the air that your family can breath that can cause Histoplasmosis  (A lung disease that human contract from fungi spores coming off the feces of the animal that causes coughing and body aches,)

They carry parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice , mange and other diseases.

   Will they go away on their own?

No, When animals have a nesting area that is their home. The best way to make them leave is to have them trapped ,

then have the entry points sealed up. 

   Can I trap them myself?

My advice is to hire a licensed professional with many years of experience  who understands the habits and biology of opossums and other wild animals.

If you want to trap them yourself set a live trap in your attic; any kind of food will attract opossums such as cat food, peanut butter or fruit.

Be prepared to know what your going to do with the animals when you catch them; read the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife laws on trapping and relocating animals.

   Will moth balls make them leave?

No, Don't waste your time or money on stinky moth balls, fox urine, lights or loud music; these types of scare tactics don't work on opossums.

The other problem with having opossums in your home or business is that their feces and urine give of a pheromone scent that attracts other opossums and wild animals. 

Opossum removal and control is a necessary service to protect your family, home or business.

Town & Country Critter evictor has developed a proven 4 step critter removal process for resolving your Opossum problem.

                                     Click here  to view or proven four step animal removal process

                                  **Opossums do die in unusual places such as your attic or crawl space.

                                      We provide dead animal removal and also deodorize the area.

   Who do I call?

Call Town and Country Critter Evictor your experienced,  Licensed professional for help with your opossum problem .

We know how to quickly and efficiently remove the Opossums and repair the entry points. 

                     Call the pros today,  we will treat you right             (405) 409-5987