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Armadillos in The Oklahoma City metropolitan area are active all year .

Armadillos are classified as a nuisance lawn pest due to them digging holes in your lawn and burrows on your property.

                The most common calls we get on Armadillos are:

                * Holes dug in the yard

                *Mulch and flowers dug up

                *A large hole or burrow dug next to home or building.

   Armadillo Biology and Behavior                                                                                                            Go from this to this

Armadillos are Insectivores which means they only eat insects.

Armadillos are nocturnal animals, They mostly feed at night time and sometimes during the daytime hours after a rain storm,

when the earth worms and grubs come closer to the surface.

Armadillos have preserved their prehistoric look about them due to their outer shell.  They have 9 bands around their mid section that allows them to run, maneuver and be flexible in their burrows.   

Their outer shell protects them when attracted by smaller animals.

They have powerful claws and are amazing diggers, to search for food and to dig burrows to nest in. 

They dig many shallow holes in your yard 2" - 6" deep in search of earth worms , Beetles, Grubs, Sciatica larvae and other insects.

They have a amazing sense of smell to snuff out insects under ground.  Their hearing is very good,  Poor eye site.

They mostly sleep during the daytime in their under ground burrows, where they raise their young , and to give birth.

They give birth to two young per year.

Armadillos can carry the Leprosy virus.

   Do repellents work on Armadillos ?

Generally repellants don't work or have very little effectiveness on repelling Armadillos.

Some of the products like granular repellants , castor oil , moth balls, Coyote or Fox urine , have a bad odor but doesn't bother the armadillos to make them leave your yard.

Most of these product are bad for the environment.

   Can I trap Armadillos myself ?

My best advice is to hire a professional with many years of Armadillo experience.

The best way to catch Armadillos is to set live traps to catch them. When the animal goes in the trap the door shuts down behind them unharmed.

There is a art and a science to setting traps. The trap needs to be set in the newest armadillo dig area.

A fence or wood that is installed with the trap funnels the animal into the trap.  Put dirt or grass on the bottom of the trap.

No food or bait is used to lure the armadillos into the trap.

   Is it against the law for me to trap myself ?

No.  But when trapping and handling armadillos you should be prepared to either dispatch the animal and bury it , OR , get permission to relocate it on someone's property.   And know the Oklahoma Department of wildlife laws on trapping and relocating animals.

   Who can I hire to remove my Armadillos  ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor we have 20+ years experience to professional remove your armadillos . 

We know exactly what to do  to quickly and effectively remove your armadillo pest problems. 


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