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                                                                                        Dead Animal Removal

                                                         Animals die in unusual places around homes and Businesses

           The common calls we get are:

           *Smelling a dead or Rotting smell inside home or Business

           *Dead mouse in the wall

           *A dead odor coming from the attic or crawl space

           * The dead animal smells like a gas leak

           *A skunk is spraying under home

There are many reasons why animals die, 

-They get hit by a car.

-A dog attacks them.

-Someone puts poison out to kill them.

-They died of a disease or Rabies.

-Someone shot it

-Giving birth was difficult

-It got in a fight with a another animal

-It got stuck between the wall

Or, Its was just its time to pass on.

Sometimes animals die in unusual places .

Such as:

  *The attic

  *The crawl space

  *Between the wall

  *The basement

  *Under the deck or shed

  *In the yard

  *Under the bath tub

  *In the car engine compartment

  Just to name a few

When animals die in or around a structure, The fleas and ticks from the animal will try to find a new host.

Its common for people and pets to experience fleas when a animal has died.

The dead animal will also attract fly's and lots of them. The fly's will lay their eggs on the dead animal,

In a matter of 4 days to 2 weeks the fly eggs will hatch into maggots.

The maggots will feed on the dead animal , then the metamorphoses will turn the maggot into a fly.

And the process recycles until the dead animal is removed or it totally rotted.

How long will the dead smell last ?

It depends on how large the dead animal is.

For example:

For something the size of a mouse , the smell might last 4 days to two weeks.

Rats, the smell might last 2 - 8 weeks .

Squirrel, 3 weeks - 2 months

Opossum, 6 weeks - 3months       

Raccoons, 6 weeks - 3 months

Cat, 6 weeks - 3 months

Skunk, 6 weeks - 4 months or longer

How do I get the smell out ?

First the dead animal needs to be removed, if possible, 

Then treatment(s)  for the odor can be applied in the effected areas to neutralize the odor. and start making the room smell better .

If the odor from a dead animal or from Skunks spraying is very bad, A Ozone machine can remove the odors and purify the air.

Town & Country Critter Evictor has 26 years experience removing dead animals and applying odor control treatments to get your home or Business back to where it was.

There are many different treatments available on the web.

*The better treatments are the Odor Neutralizers,  that can be sprayed on the surface and the areas around it where the animal died, 

 Other treatments: 

*Are applied to cotton balls then applied close to the affected areas to neutralize the odor.

*Aerosols or candles can help mask the odor .

    Just to name a few

Who do I call to help me ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor today for all your dead animal and dead smell needs. 

We have the tools and experience to remove the dead critter, Apply the odor control treatments , and can repair the animal entry points.

               Experience you can count on,  Guaranteed   405/ 409-5987

                                                                     Thank you for your Business