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                                                               Bobcats in Oklahoma are active all year .

Bobcats" aka" wildcats have been sighted in Edmond, Lake Arcadia, Piedmont , Deer creek, Yukon , Midwest City, Lake Draper , Moore , Choctaw , Norman , Mustang.

                The common calls we get are :

                *Seen Bobcat in the area

                * Seen Bobcat crossing the road

                * Bobcat killed Dog ,Cat or Chickens

   How can I tell what a bobcat looks like?

They get their name because of their bobbed tail.

They have a bobbed tail of about 5" long.   Round face and pointed ears.

Bobcat body length is 2' - 4 foot long.

The color of their fur varies, some are Light brown , dark brown, calico spots / stripes, mixed colors some have spots or no spots .


Adults Bobcats body's range from 28" - 40" long, and weigh 9 - 40 pounds or more.

The adults have 28 teeth.

Bobcats are 2 - 3 times the size of the domestic cat and appears more muscular and fuller in the body. 

Bobcats hind legs are longer than its front legs,   than those of domestic cats.

Excellent eye site and hearing

Bobcats are solitary animals they hunt alone and den alone , not in packs.

They are shy , solitary, secretive and seldom seen in the wild.


Female Bobcats reach sexual maturity within their first year, Males are sexual mature in their second year.

Breeding can occur between January - June

Gestation ranges about 62 days.

Young are born March - July as late as December.

Litters contain 2 - 4 kittens,

The kittens nurse for about 60 days and may accompany their mother through the first winter.

Female with kittens general avoid adult males because they kill kittens.


Bobcat's are mostly nocturnal animals, They can be active in the day but prefer twilight dawn

and midnight hours searching for food .

Bobcats are stalkers of their prey and are stealthy , quite hunters.  They like easy meals.

They can jump about 6' and are excellent climbers

   Where do they live at ?

Bobcats will den in hollow trees , hollow logs , next to fallen trees , Caves , Abandon homes,

Sheds , Under decks , In rubbish piles ,  anything that provides semi shelter from the weather elements.

   What do they eat ?

They are opportunist predators feeding on :

Rats                                      Turkeys                     Calves                           Moles                     Reptiles                 Trash piles

Mice                                     Chickens                    Birds                            Gophers                 Sheep                    Dogs

Rabbits                                Deer                           Small pigs                    Opossums             Goats                    Cats

 Squirrels                             Fawns                        Lambs                          Raccoons               Insects                  Dead animals

Chicken coops and live stock pens need to be secure and bob cat proof ,  top covered with a heavy duty fencing.

Keep pets indoors at night to lessen the possibility of a bobcat attack.

   What can I do to remove them ?

Repellents , toxicants don't work on Bobcats,   No chemical repellents are currently registered for Bobcats.

Trapping the animal works the best.

Methods and control techniques used to remove Bobcats, If legal in your area, 

Consult the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife laws on trapping and relocating the animal.

* Shooting                                    *Cage traps

*Electric fence                             *Foot hold tarps

*Guard dog                                  *Lights / Horns , Music, Strobe lights, other scare tactics



Town & Country Critter Evictor uses the latest technology , equipment ,

expertise available to help with Bobcat problems , safely and humanely,  

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   Who do I call for help ?

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