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                                                                                      Wild Hogs

Wild hogs are around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, They have been sighted in Choctaw , Spencer , Midwest City , Arcadia , Edmond , Norman , Purcell.

Wild Hogs "swine" are classified as a nuisance pest because of their destruction to landscaping, Yards , Farmland , Crops.

                 The most common wild hog calls we get are:

                 *Hogs rooting up the soil

                 *Concerns for live stock

                 *Concerns for pets and family



Wild hogs look similar to domesticated pigs. There coats are

different colors, some are brown , Black , White , Grey , spots and mixed colors.

Sexually maturity can start at six months of age . They give birth to Eight piglets at a time.   The sows "female" can breed twice a year.

Hogs have pointed ears , they have the ability to grow tusk about six inches long.

The Boars "males" live solitary lives only joining other hogs during mating times.

Wild hogs are social animals  they live in groups known as sounders.

Wild hogs are non native to the U.S.  They were brought in to north America around the 16th century by colonist .


Wild hogs are intelligent animals, They can adapt to any environment and climate we have in Oklahoma.

They are opportunistic Omnivores, they will eat anything from: 

Roots, Plants , Fruits , Vegetables , Crops , nuts , Seeds , Grain , Corn , Watermelon , Insects , Rodents , Dead animals , Bird eggs , New born animals . just to name a few.

When they root through the soil looking for food , The ground looks like its been plowed or dug up.

Wild hogs are mostly nocturnal, feeding at night time hours . During the day they rest in thick vegetation and trees.

   Damage and Concerns:

Wild hogs will attack humans , Hunters and animals with little provocation when they fell threatened or protecting their young.

Hogs have been known to kill and eat new born calfes , new born deer and other animals.

They will root up and destroy your garden , flower beds , yard , crops , landscape , farm land ,

damaging plants , tree roots , saplings, etc...

   What diseases do they transmit ?

They carry 45 different external and internal transmittable diseases and parasites that can

effect humans , Pets , Live stock , Wildlife .

such as:

Pseudorabies virus, swine brucellosis , foot & mouth disease , African swine fever , classical swine fever, foreign animal disease , Bovine brucellosis .

             Zoonotic diseases transmitted to humans:

*E coli                                              * Brucellosis

*Salmonellosis                               *Cryptosporidosis

*Rabies                                            *Giardiasis

*Swine influenza                            *Toxoplasmosis                                                        

*Trichinosis                                     *Leptospirosis

Wild hog control / removal should start when you see the damage or you see them on your property.

   How do I get rid of them?

My advice is to hire a trapper who knows the behavior and biology of hogs, that has many years of experience trapping.

The best method is to trap and remove most or all of the colony.

You should be prepared to dispatch the animals on site.

**You need to Know the laws of Oklahoma when handling wild hogs, from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, and Oklahoma Department of wildlife.

Shooting will get a few of them, They rest of the colony will just move to someone else's property and eventually reinvade your property again.

Hog proof fencing around the perimeter of you land is effective.

   What should I do if I encounter a wild hog ?

If they charge you , you only have a couple of seconds to shoot it or get out of the way.  you can climb up a tree , jump on top of a car, anything to get you off the ground,  Hogs cant climb.

   Who do I call ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor for all your wild hog problems.

                                       We will help you any way we can     405/409-5987