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                            Coyotes in Oklahoma are active all year.

Coyotes are considered a nuisance predator animal .

Coyotes have recently been sighted in Oklahoma City, Yukon , Piedmont , Mustang , Edmond , Arcadia , Deer Creek , Moore , Norman, Midwest City.

           The most common calls we get on Coyotes are:

           *Heard coyote howling in neighborhood

           *Coyote seen in yard

           *Dog or cat missing

            *Cat or dog got killed by Coyote

         Its important to take action as quickly as possible to stop coyotes from killing after they start.


Coyotes are identified by their long drawled out howl and high pitched yelp. 

Coyotes are nocturnal , mostly active at night time and early morning hours. 

They have very good eye site and hearing, Excellent sense of smell.

Coyotes usually breed in January - March producing litters 8-9 weeks later in March - May.

Sometimes they breed in early winter if their food source is plentiful.

Average litter size is 5-8 pups, sometimes up to 10.

Both male and female coyotes hunt and bring food to the pups while they are still young.

Pups begin emerging from their den about 4-6 weeks of age, Pups are weaned about 8 weeks of age.

Adults and pups remain together until fall time when pups become independent .

Coyotes weigh up to 45 pounds, They have a slender muzzle, A bushy tail that drags the ground, similar to a collie.

 Tan and grayish in color,  They run speeds up 40 MPH.

Life cycle is between 1-12 years.  Mortality is highest during the first year.


Coyotes are successful surviving in the city, suburban and urban areas and around the presence of people

because of their adaptable behavior.

Coyotes hunt and travel as singles or in pairs, family groups.   The size depends on the availability of food and other

resources needed to sustain the group.


   Their dens are found :

*Under sheds                              * Dug on the side of steep banks

*Under decks                              * Or made from other animal dens

*In brush piles

   What do they eat ?

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders , they will eat anything , such as:

Rats                      Chickens                 Fruits                       Trash

Mice                      Goats                     Vegetables               Watermelon's

Gophers               Sheep                     Insects                     

Moles                   Calves                      Birds                            

Rabbits                 Fawns                     Crops

Dogs                     Dog food                Dead animals

Cats                       Cat food                 Berries

   What Diseases do they carry ?

Coyotes carry numerous diseases, the most common coyote diseases are:

*Distemper                             *Rabies

*Parvo virus                            *Tularemia


They also carry numerous parasites ,such as:

*Ticks                                   *Heart worms

*Fleas                                   *Worms


   How do you control them ?

I recommend you hire a experienced professional with many years of coyote experience,

Once a coyote has killed domestic animals or live stock it will probably continue to do so if given the opportunity.

                Some approaches that have used as preventive measures and other techniques,  

 Methods used to control Coyotes,  If legal in your area and by the Oklahoma Department of wildlife laws :

* Shooting                                                                    *Sealing up around sheds, Decks , Crawl spaces                                     

*Electric fence                                                             *Cage traps

*Guard dog                                                                  *Foot hold traps / Snares

*Bury fencing around property

*Lights / Horns and other scare tactics

   Who do I call to help me ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor, We use the latest technology and equipment , Tools and expertise available to help with Coyote problems , safely and humanely.  Call today

                                  A company you can count on   405/409-5987