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                                                                 Gopher Removal

Gophers in Oklahoma are active all year.

Gophers are classified as a Rodent Pest, Due to their large dirt piles they create on your property.

                                                  The common calls we get are :

                                                *Dirt mounds popping up in the lawn.

                                                * Dirt piled up under the tub or shower.

                                                * A plumbing line got damaged by gophers.

                                                * Flowers and shrubs dying.

                                                * Soft spots in the yard

                                                * Concerns for horses and family stepping in gopher tunnels.

   Gopher behavior

Gophers tunnel through the soil in search for their food source.  They eat a wide variety of plant matter , such as;  Roots of grasses , weeds , Flower bulbs , Tubers , Stems , Seeds , Bark , leaves , Fruit , Vegetables and nuts .

As gophers are tunneling through the soil they create a network of underground tunnels that connects you and your neighbors yards together, They excavate the soil out of the tunnels by building up large dirt mounds in your yard.


Gophers live under ground.

They are very territorial on a property

They give birth between February - March

   Damage Gophers make and the reason to have Gophers removed

* They chew into under ground sprinkler lines , Plumbing lines , Utility cables , Electric cords causing costly repairs,  Erosion and flooding.

* Trees , Shrubs , Rose bushes , and flowers start dying because gophers eat the roots cutting off their access to nutrients and water.

* Dogs , Cats , and other animals smell and hear the Gophers , dig holes and tear up the lawn trying to find the gophers.

* Holes and soft spongy soft spots in your lawn.

* Cause erosion to yards , homes , Buildings , Roads , Ponds , Lakes.

* Dirt mounds cause damage to lawn mowers

* People , Cattle and Horses can step into a tunnel or a soft spot causing harm or broken bones.

* Gophers can carry the Rabies virus

Town & Country Critter Evictor has 26 years experience to quickly and effectively resolve your gopher problems.

   Do repellants work ?

Don't waste your time or money on costly repellants , such as; Gas or smoke bombs , Spraying the yard for grubs , or sonic sound devices.  They are not effective and have very little if any impact on removing gophers.

   How do I get rid of Gophers ?

My advice is to hire a Gopher expert that has many Years of experience removing Gophers and that has extensive knowledge of Gopher behaviors and biology. and also ,That can tell the difference between a gopher tunnel and a Mole tunnel.

The two best options are;  - the Baiting treatments ,    OR     - The kill traps

I have over 20 years experience using traps  and the Baiting treatment ,  I have found the Baiting treatments works the best.

                                                                              Baiting treatment

When the Baiting treatment is done correctly , the bait is placed in the Gophers under ground tunnels which will quickly kill the Gophers in your yard.

And when new gophers come in your yard to take over the "vacant territory" , They will eat what bait is left and kill the new Gophers, Long after the treatment has been performed.


Traps require holes dug in your yard and traps sticking up out of the ground.

traps only work when they are set in the correct tunnels and set the right way.

When the traps are removed you have no protection in your yard for gophers.  Gophers are territorial they will sense a vacant yard and because the under ground tunnels are already established new gophers will come back in your yard.

   Can anyone use the Baiting treatments ?


For a company to use the Baiting treatments it requires a Professional Pest control License.

Most wildlife removal company's don't have a pest control license,  For this reason trappers will talk bad about the Baiting treatments and try to sell against them,  they will try to tell you it doesn't work... Don't let them fool you.

Town & Country Critter Evictor has the proper License to professional apply Baiting treatments to the Gophers under ground tunnels for a long lasting and fast results.

We can utilize the Baiting treatments and kill traps to gophers underground tunnels for a safe and effective solution for your gopher problem.

   Are the Baits or traps safe to my pets and family ?

Generally yes, 

*The Baiting treatments are placed in the gophers underground tunnels, Pets and children don't come in contact with it.

*Traps stick up out of the ground, People could trip over them.

*Kids could play with the traps and possibly get hurt.   *Dogs could dig up the trap and get injured

   Will the Baiting treatment get into my well water ?


The treatments are placed under ground about 4" - 18" deep .   Most of the underground water sources are deep in the ground 30' - 120 ' deep or more.

   How do I schedule a appointment to get a treatment ?

Call us today , we will inspect your lawn or property to create a customized plan for your residential , Commercial or Industrial property.

   Who do I call to rid of them ?

Call Town & Country Critter Evictor today,  We are your Experienced , Licensed Gopher experts.  

You'll be glad you made the call.     We do it right the first time     405/ 409-5987