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Skunks in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan areas are active all year.

The Skunk is classified as a nuisance animal due to them digging in your yard and nesting around your home and business ,

spraying there stinky essence.

                 The most common calls we get on Skunks are :

                *Dog got sprayed

                *Smelling a skunk around home or business

                 *Hole dug next to side walk, Porch , Home , Business

                 *Skunk seen in yard

                 *Holes dug in yard

Skunk removal is a common need and we get a lot of calls from home owners and businesses who are concerned about smelling and seeing skunks.

   Where do skunks live?

*Skunks can take up residence under sheds, decks or out buildings.

*Skunks frequently dig their way under your home or sidewalk or porch and patio even if your home is on a slab foundation.

*Skunks commonly find a way to enter under a mobile home or crawl space home,

*they use these areas to raise their young. 

   When do skunks give birth?

Skunks can breed twice a year, in the early spring and sometimes in the late summer. 

They give birth March through May and sometimes in the fall time.

A mother skunk can give birth up to 8 baby skunks (kits) at a time.


Skunks are diggers,  they do a lot of damage to your lawn or garden in search of grubs, earthworms and other insects.

Skunks will often dig under fences to access other yards with a food source such as bird feeders, fruit trees, pet dishes or a water source.

Skunk control and removal should be initiated by a professional as soon as the animal has been discovered.

   Do skunks do damage?


Skunks living in your crawl space are destructive to HVAC ducts and insulation.

They defecate and urinate and contaminate the ducts, insulation and soil.

The animal feces should be disinfected by a license professional and removed to

control the diseases and improve the air quality in your home or business.

 *Make sure your wildlife removal company has the proper license to apply Disinfectants to your home or business.

   What diseases do skunks have?

Skunks can transmit Rabies, Distemper and mange. These viruses and diseases can be transmitted to humans and pets.

   How do I get the skunk smell out?

Skunks will spray in their nesting areas when they feel threatened by other skunks or animals.

They spray and stink up your home or business.

We provide odor control services for skunk odor to deodorize your home or business.

*Skunks do occasionally die in unusual places such as under your home or business.

** We provide dead skunk and animal removal services and also provide odor control services to deodorize the area.

   How do I get the skunks removed?

Skunk and animal control is a necessary service to protect your home, business and family.

Call Town and Country Critter Evictor today to remove skunks the right way before the problem gets out of control.

   Do you fix spots where they got in?

Yes, our company repairs and seals up the skunk entry holes.

           Skunks do die in unusual places ,such as your crawl space. We provide Dead animal removal and also Deodorize the area.

                                              Click here to see our proven 4 step critter removal process.

Town and Country Critter Evictor of Oklahoma is your skunk specialists. 

We have all the proper license to Disinfect the contaminated areas and remove the little stinkers.

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                                    Thank you for your Business